Security and Privacy Policy of MKS Marksell

> Security and Privacy Policy of MKS Marksell

MKS Marksell knows how important it is for you to be secure as to the use of your personal data. Therefore we would like to explain our policy in making use of this information. As a result you will be able to understand better the kind of information we obtain and how we use it. To ensure that the rules remain transparent, MKS Marksell may alter the rules from time to time, and we therefore recommend reading them from time to time to remain up to date.

> Where we obtain your information

MKS Marksell obtains your information from the site based on the following forms:

Board of Directors Contact
Engineering Contact
Marketing Contact
Spare Parts Contact
After Sales Contact
Supplies Contact
Work With Us Contact
Sales Contact
MKS Marksell Research
Register With Us Contact form

> How this information will be used

All information obtained on the forms of the MKS Marksell site will be used exclusively to filter information through to our consultants with the purpose of providing you with better attention and assistance.

Personal individual information will not be commercialised or passed on to third parties under any circumstance.

> Newsletter

MKS Marksell will only send you news items and developments related to your area of activity, only if you authorise us to do so. On our forms on the site this option is there (I wish to receive news items from MKS Marksell) From the time that you authorise us to do so, we will e-mail you all matters relating to recent developments, launching of new products, special promotions, and other matters related to your area of activity.

> Doubts

If you have any doubts or wish to find out more about this subject, please contact us by phone: 55 11 4772 1100. We will be available to clear up any doubts you may have.