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> Who we are

MKS Marksell is a 100% Brazilian company, a pioneer and leader in the specialised area of transportation of cargo and people. It is installed in Itapevi, in the Greater São Paulo. MKS Marksell has a flexible production structure in an area covering 6.000 square meters.

MKS Marksell, using its own technology, develops, plans and manufactures equipment for the transportation of cargo and people, either attached to vehicles, or stationary, with a great emphasis on the use of hydraulic mechanical procedures.

Apart from developing equipment with the most recent technology, MKS Marsell has as its objectives finding solutions for your needs in the process of loading and unloading.

Through our consultants we listen to your needs and based on all our experience we apply practical solutions so that you may resolve all your problems with a high degree of satisfaction.

We are the only Brazilian company that can offer a range of options of equipment to be able to provide you with the best solution for your needs. In order to bring this about we have a Projects and Engineering team with vast experience, competence, and using the most recent and advanced equipment available. We have tested thoroughly all our equipment in order to enable our customers to have the best cost/benefit ratio and so that they can be sure of efficiency and safety.

> Performance of MKS Marksell around the World.

A MKS Marksell is based in São Paulo – Brazil, but the company is present in many countries around the world, especially in Latin America, Europe and Africa.

> MKS Marksell exclusiveness

MKS Marksell develops equipment, devices and exclusive systems, in order to enable you to obtain the best performance and safety

Please check these instances:

• "Patented" equipment MKS 200PEG developed together with ULTRAGAZ that has the objective of loading and unloading GLP’s and atmospheric gases. Learn more.

• An anti-shock “patented” device for frontal levellers that has the objective of protecting and providing durability to your equipment. Learn more.

• BTS system Built to Suit levellers, developed with the purpose of reducing up to 50% your initial investment in dock levellers. Learn more.

Adplat products for vehicular platforms It is our understanding that because the Marksell customer is always focused on the logistics side, he very often doesn’t have to keep in touch with the market in general. Therefore, Marksell together with New View Media has designed a strategic area on the Marksell platforms where you can advertise and expound your products, all within a standard space and which can be easily substituted. Learn more.

New Buttom Control – From now on, all models of MKS Marksell hydraulic Levellers will have as a differential button controls which are in accordance with the standards laid down by NR10 (Regulatory Norm 10 – Safety in Electrical Installations and Services) and CE. You will benefit from a smart service with a touch membrane, a smart service warning any failures, and a preventive maintenance timer. As the operator will not have contact with the wiring, nor with the electrical system of the equipment, this new procedure will lower the risk of accidents at work. Learn more.

> Our products

Tail Lifts
For various applications (palletised cargoes, handcarts, rolltainers and pushcarts) with a cargo capacity of between 400 and 2500kg. For loading on vehicles ranging from pick-ups and small vans to heavy trucks. Learn more.

Tail lift for gas bottle distribution
For loading and unloading drums and gasholders with a cargo capacity of between 200 and 500kg. For installation on the sides or back of the vehicle. Learn more.

Sectional Doors and Shelters
The sectional doors and protection covers for docks My Door offer you safety and resistance as well as a modern design. We offer various models to adapt to the needs of the building, shed or warehouse. Learn more.

Dock Levellers
To act as a bridge between the dock and the truck. Available in various models and capacities, they can be operated mechanical or hydraulic by using a vertical, or fixed on pit. Learn more.

Tail lifts for access on to vans and buses.
For use of wheelchairs on vans, minibuses and buses. Learn more.

Vehicular Cranes
For the hoisting of bags and loads in general, with a capacity of between 1 and 2 tons per metre. Learn more.

Lifting platform mobile
For loading and unloading on the chassis of all cargo vehicles (from small vehicles to containers). Learn more.

> MKS Marksell differentials

Marksell 24-hour Express Service
We offer a 24-hour service in the whole of Greater São Paulo (this will be available in the rest of the states of Brazil in the near future). For your comfort and convenience we will go to you to offer the following services:
• Revisions;
• Services covered by guarantees;
• Urgencies ;
• Preventive Maintenance;
• Corrective Maintenances;
• Technical Assistance;
• Sale of MKS Marksell original spare parts.
Learn more.

More than 50 Distributors
We are the only company in this area of activity which is present in the majority of Brazilian states. In this way, MKS Marksell can attend to your needs with quality and speed, wherever you may be. Learn more.

MKS Blue Hydraulic Oil
Through research and study we have developed a Hydraulic Oil tailored for MKS Marksell equipment. With MKS Blue Hydraulic Oil you can be sure to buy a product that will increase the durability and performance of your equipment. Learn more.

Spare Parts
From now on you can consult prices and buy original MKS Marksell original spare parts direct from the factory or through our distributors. This way we offer greater ease, transparency, and the best prices in the market. We deliver everywhere in Brazil. Learn more.

> Advantages of buying MKS Marksell Equipment

Optimising Manual Labour
With MKS Marksell equipment you increase the speed of loading and unloading without affecting operational safety, optimising your time and the workforce.

Durability of the Equipment
MKS Marksell equipment has been developed for the exacting Brazilian market. Our equipment has a low level of maintenance and a durability of more than 20 years.

Equipment in accordance with the rules laid down in NR10 and CE
Your safety is always our main consideration, and because of this, we follow and apply the Brazilian Regulatory Norms NR10, and the CE (European Conformity norms) to all our areas of production, thus lowering the risk of accidents and providing the operator with safer working conditions.

Keeping in touch
We have various means of communication (web site, facebook and youtube) so that together we can look for the best solutions to the needs of the market. Through these channels we can strengthen our links to enable us to develop new equipment which will help you to work with more safety, speed, quality and with the best cost/benefit ratio.

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