Passenger tail lifts - MKS 150/250P1E

Passenger tail lifts


Developed and manufactured for transporters that use van-type vehicles.

This equipment is installed inside the van and can be used for raising wheelchairs or cargo of up to 150kg.

With an own weight of approximately 350 kg, the MKS 150/250P1E works perfectly well with palletized or non-palletized cargo. Installation can be made on the rear or the sides of the vehicle.

> Characteristics

• For use on the side doors or rear of the van-type vehicle;
• Elevation operated by a hydraulic system; manual opening and tilting of the plate;
• Cargo capacity of 150kg (or optionally 250kg);
• The plate has a width of 800mm and a length of 1000mm with a frontal barrier and automatic tilting;
• The hydraulic system is connected to the original electric system of the vehicle, with a manual pump for use in the event of an emergency.


Passenger tail lifts
Passenger tail lifts
Passenger tail lifts
Passenger tail lifts


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